Bounty Fresh Chicken is a brand under Bounty Fresh Food Inc. and Bounty Agro Ventures Inc. that supplies dressed chicken to various hotels, restaurants, institutional food companies (HRI) as well as supermarkets in the Philippines.

Bounty’s story started during the 1980s when the Chen family put up one layer house in Sta. Maria, Bulacan, Philippines and loaded the first 5,000 heads of chicken.

From a 5,000-head layer farm, the business grew to be one of the largest broiler integrators in the country. It is the only fully-integrated poultry company that has continuously invested in company-owned facilities – Grand Parent farm, Parent Stock farm, Hatcheries, Dressing Plants, Feed Mills, and Cool-cell Broiler Complexes in the Philippines.

Bounty Fresh Food, Inc. is the first company in the Philippines to put up a single-stage commercial broiler hatchery. This state-of-the art technology ensures better hatchery sanitation with controlled ventilation that will in turn produce better chick quality. Its main processing plant is one of the few large plants in the country utilizing the latest technology which allows the company to supply its customers with safe quality products, along with the flexibility to offer products to meet customer specifications. For its packaging, Bounty is the pioneer in using the latest tamper-evident packaging materials for packing whole chicken products as well as cut-ups and marinated products.

To cater to the consumers in the various regions and islands of the archipelago; Bounty Agro Ventures Inc. (BAVI) was integrated to operate in several branches across the country. Each of its branches ties up with business partners for contract growing, contract breeding, toll hatching, toll feed milling and toll dressing. Technical assistance and supervision, training, and transfer of technology are provided to its business partners to maintain product quality and consistency.  In 2008, BAVI started its most ambitious project yet – the company’s venture into the take-away segment through its chicken rotisserie outlets by setting up stand-alone outlets, selling oven roasted chicken variants along with the company’s banner processed meat products, roasted pork belly, dressed chicken and other derivative products. In just two years, with the aggressive promotional efforts poured into the rotisserie outlets, Chooks-to-Go is considered the dominant market leader in the rotisserie business with close to 1000 outlets.